Thank you for visiting our blog.  We are a husband and wife team together for 33 years. Bruce’s dream as a boy was to be a farmer. Instead, we chose the standard career path and each climbed up our respective ladders. We knew that someday we would own some land and have a small homestead. That dream came true in 2000 when we purchased 11+ acres in Fairfield, VT. Like many “typical Vermonter’s” we built (still building) the farm in our free time. Now, Sally is home full-time. It’s a dream come true to be more self-sufficient and live off our land. Our original homestead plan quickly turned into the desire to provide the same healthy, great tasting food to our family and friends. We look forward to sharing this wonderful chapter in our lives with you! To learn more about our history and how the “green acres” syndrome hit us, visit our blog entry, “Green Acres Syndrome – A Look Back”.

We will be offering Christmas trees, organically raised eggs, organically raised chicken, and organically raised blueberries and raspberries. See our Farm Flyer for more information.

Cheers 🙂

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