Farm Stand and Survey

Thanks to everyone who took the time to fill out our farm survey, we really appreciate it. For those of you who reserved some of our fresh, delicious, organically raised meat chickens, they are available and ready for you to pick up. We roasted one up recently with some friends, it was fabulous! Each chicken comes with a recipe and herbs for seasoning. Please give a call at 802-233-4805 to schedule a pick-up.

Thanks to my “project hubby” for building us this great farm stand. And, thanks to everyone who has stopped by so far to check it out. We’re open on Tuesday and Friday from 2-7pm. Offerings include fresh eggs, homemade bread, delicious strawberry and raspberry jam, fresh veggies, and muffins ready for your breakfast. Scrumptious raspberry/chocolate chip muffins have been featured recently. Depending on availability there could be fresh berries, herbs, pies and more.  Before you know it, I’ll be making wreaths and kissing balls – don’t come too fast Christmas, fall is our favorite time on the pond! Stop by and take a look.

Have a wonderful day all!

Sally & Bruce 🙂

IMG_8592 IMG_8593IMG_8597IMG_8625IMG_8730IMG_8903IMG_8905


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