Happy Summer!

Bruce and I have been hard at work and all is well on the farm. The first batch of meat chickens arrived two weeks ago and are doing well. Raspberries are super healthy and we’re looking forward to a nice crop.  Christmas trees are sprouting out beautiful new growth. Blueberries are going to make it this year, hopefully! Ponies are doing well and will start their training soon. We’re sure that will go smoothly! ha ha

Meat chickens will be available for purchase around July 25th. Local organic strawberry jam and our own organically raised raspberry jam will be available soon. We’ll also be offering organic frozen berry pops.

We look forward to seeing you on the farm this summer!

Sally & Bruce 🙂



IMG_8523 IMG_8541 IMG_6678

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1 Response to Happy Summer!

  1. grammajake@aol.com says:

    Hi! Pictures look great and I can’t wait to come “home”! I’m leaving here June 26th but probably won’t get up to camp until 29th or 30th. Have sent $$ for pond. Sounds like things are really cooking for you and I’m so glad. I have seen how hard you both have worked for your “farm”. As ever, Jackie

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