Goals/Photos/Meat chickens available

A quick update on our previous post on goals. Irrigation – making progress – due to all the rain we’ve been able to procrastinate on it and focus on other projects. Built meat bird housing and they’re doing great. Check out the new photos under “Farm Photos” of how well your meat chickens live.  Farm stand will be built this fall and up and running next year. Invested in chicken processing equipment and hoping it arrives by this Friday! Replanted the berries and had extensive soil testing done to see what we’re doing wrong. Photos under “Farm Photos” show berry growth and weed issues being controlled with vinegar. Next year will be a better year for our blueberries – we’re not giving up! Lots of new photos of our Christmas trees. Watch for a blog entry this fall called “A Year in the Life of Your Christmas Tree”.

Meat chickens will be available August 5th. Reserve your organically raised, fabulous tasting chicken today. Price is $4.25/lb.

Until next time, stay dry, stay cool and stay well fed on local food.

Sally 🙂

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