Labor Day = FFFFFF

What a gorgeous Labor Day weekend! Those six F’s don’t mean the weekend was a failure, just the opposite. They’re about spending time with Family and Friends having Fun and Feasting on Fabulous Food. Although the farming season is still in full swing, we took some time to enjoy the fruits of our labor. After all, it was Labor Day! The photo below is one of our fresh organic chickens, vegetables from our garden, and fabulous homemade bread. The perfect beverage for this meal was Champlain Cider, a local cider that tastes just like champagne! In our early talks about being “homesteaders”, it was tough to comprehend not only the hard work, but all the rewards we would reap. When you raise your own meat, eggs, vegetables, berries and make your own  bread from the freshest ingredients, there’s a feeling of pride and accomplishment that’s hard to describe. And when you share it all with good friends and family, it becomes crystal clear why you chose this lifestyle. Our goal is to provide your famly with these same fresh, great tasting foods at the most reasonable cost possible, so that you too, can benefit from the fruits of our labor.

Sally 🙂

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