Ice Out & Eagles

Have I told you that our farm is located on beautiful Fairfield Pond? It is truly a slice of paradise pie. This year, ice out was on March 21, 2012, the earliest date since 2004, the year I began recording. During that warm weather I was taking a nature break, enjoying the ducks, geese and mink. How often do you gaze up to the sky? Out here, particularly in spring and late fall, it’s good practice to do so every 20-30 minutes. And what to my wondering eyes did appear, an eagle in all its glory. My first thought was WOW as it flew right over my head, my second thought was LUNCH! The “ladies” were out and it began circling. Fortunately I made my presence clear and it flew away. The next day I spotted it out on the ice about 300 feet from the house. It happily hung out there for an hour with the ducks and crows then decided to take up roost in a large tree along our driveway. Nature is amazing on Fairfield Pond! Happy Spring!


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