Spring = Excitement & Panic

Where did the winter go, or, did we even have one? Spring has sprung on the pond. There’s still ice but that hasn’t stopped the geese, wood ducks, mergansers and red winged blackbirds from returning. I’ve been tracking their return for years. Look for a nature page in the future with the dates. They’re early this year, no surprise there.

The winter was not long enough for me to accomplish my goals, but I’ve made a good dent. The #1 YIPPEE is that taxes are done!! Gathering up documents from 2004 for start-up costs was an effort, but well worth it. We now have farm insurance and a new carrier for home and auto. Does your gut tell you that you may be overpaying for an insurance? We knew for a while that we were waaayyyy overpaying for our auto insurance, but just didn’t take the time to deal with it. Our new policy is the same coverage for half the amount! That amount almost covers the cost of the farm. If you think you’re overpaying check out some other carriers, it may be worth your effort. We’re now with the Co-Op through the Nye Agency. They’ve been great to work with.

The excitement is that in addition to taxes and insurance, I’ve created this blog, almost finalized our farm flyer and have started tracking sheets for the farm business.

The panic part is that I thought I’d be done all of this by now AND have done some thorough closet purging in the house. Oh well, there’s always next winter for the purging.

Excitement definately trumps Panic this year. Being home full-time and looking forward to spring planting is more than a dream come true. The meat birds will arrive soon, along with blueberry plants and Christmas trees. Spring has sprung and it’s going to be a great year! 

Cheers 🙂

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