Spring 2011 Planting Photos

This past weekend Santa’s Elves were hard at work planting your future Christmas tree.  We finally had a repreave from the soggy weather enough to get some of these babies in the ground.  We enjoyed and afternoon with our daughter and her family while we showed our grandsons the ropes.  The one in the luxury seat was the foreman.

This is a precious photo of Pee-Paw and Jacoby planting his first Christmas tree.

Thank you for viewing our new blog! We look forward to keeping you all in the loop as we embark on this amazing adventure.  The baby chickens have just arrived so many more adorable photos are sure to come.

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1 Response to Spring 2011 Planting Photos

  1. Sandy Reese says:

    Great site Sally and Bruce. Happy to see you’re living your dream! Best wishes! Love, Sandy and Bob

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