Missing Sugar Bear

Yesterday we lost Sugar Bear. We knew he was sick when he arrived one year ago, but didn’t realize how bad he was. We (Vets and us) did our best to heal him, but….Cinnamon is taking it real hard and missing his brother very much.

Sugar Bear (left) with Cinnamon

Sugar Bear (left) with Cinnamon

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Dreaming of a White Christmas

My oh my how time goes by. Hard to believe another Christmas is almost here. Thanks to everyone who visited us last year! We were a little busier, so we didn’t get as many great family photos. Check below to see if you made our album. Let me know if you’d like me to email your photo to you. And, thank you for signing our “guest book” and the wonderful comments – they make our day!

We’ll be open this weekend, November 15 & 16 if you’d like to swing by and pick up a wreath or kissing ball, tag a tree, grab a delicious organically raised chicken for dinner, jam and jam gift packs and more.

We’ll also be open next weekend selling wreaths, kissing balls and more. Official tree sales start Friday, Nov. 28th and every weekend thereafter until selling out. Hours are 8 a.m. until 4ish (dusk). Choose and cut your organically raised Christmas tree for only $40. Have it shaken, and, if you choose, wrapped. No worries about bringing chemically sprayed trees into your home with Collopy’s Christmas Trees!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Cheers, Sally & Bruce :)

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Quebec Agritourism Trip

I had a fabulous time in the Eastern Townships of Quebec recently on a two-day Agritourism visit. Visited six diverse farms, learned about their operations, and peppered them with questions about their Agritourism operation. Also got to know some Vermont farmers, toss ideas around and discuss how we can grow Agritourism in Vermont.  Bruce and I look forward to adding Farm to Table dinners next year as part of Collopy Family Farm offerings.

Many thanks to the sponsors of this trip: Farm-Based Education Network, Shelburne Farms, UVM Extension, Vermont Agency of Agriculture Food and Markets, Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing, Vermont Farms Association and Vermont Fresh Network.


IMG_9421 IMG_9415 IMG_9408 IMG_9398 IMG_9375 IMG_9357 IMG_9349 IMG_9346 IMG_9334 IMG_9328 IMG_9326 IMG_9325 IMG_9318 IMG_9317


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They’re Alive!

We grow a lot of great stuff on Collopy Family Farm, but one of the things we grow best is weeds. Who knew there were blueberry bushes underneath all those weeds! Gonna keep it up next year, promise!! Just happy that after 3 years of trying to get them established, they’re finally growing.


IMG_8916 IMG_9162

Cheers, Sally & Bruce :)

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Back Up and Running

Hey everyone – we’re back up and running and gearing up for Christmas tree sales! Bruce is recovering well from double-hernia surgery and we’ve got a brand new computer after recently suffering a crash.
Looks like we’ll have at least 200+ trees for sale, along with wreaths, kissing balls, delicious meat chickens, jams, jam gift packs and more.

We’ll be open Nov. 28, 29 & 30, and every weekend in December from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Kissing balls and wreaths will be available by November 15th at our Farm Stand.

Our Christmas trees are grown organically and have never been sprayed with any chemicals or pesticides. We shake every tree and you can have it wrapped if you’d like – all this for only $40. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Cheers, Sally & Bruce

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Farm Stand and Survey

Thanks to everyone who took the time to fill out our farm survey, we really appreciate it. For those of you who reserved some of our fresh, delicious, organically raised meat chickens, they are available and ready for you to pick up. We roasted one up recently with some friends, it was fabulous! Each chicken comes with a recipe and herbs for seasoning. Please give a call at 802-233-4805 to schedule a pick-up.

Thanks to my “project hubby” for building us this great farm stand. And, thanks to everyone who has stopped by so far to check it out. We’re open on Tuesday and Friday from 2-7pm. Offerings include fresh eggs, homemade bread, delicious strawberry and raspberry jam, fresh veggies, and muffins ready for your breakfast. Scrumptious raspberry/chocolate chip muffins have been featured recently. Depending on availability there could be fresh berries, herbs, pies and more.  Before you know it, I’ll be making wreaths and kissing balls – don’t come too fast Christmas, fall is our favorite time on the pond! Stop by and take a look.

Have a wonderful day all!

Sally & Bruce :)

IMG_8592 IMG_8593IMG_8597IMG_8625IMG_8730IMG_8903IMG_8905


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Happy Summer!

Bruce and I have been hard at work and all is well on the farm. The first batch of meat chickens arrived two weeks ago and are doing well. Raspberries are super healthy and we’re looking forward to a nice crop.  Christmas trees are sprouting out beautiful new growth. Blueberries are going to make it this year, hopefully! Ponies are doing well and will start their training soon. We’re sure that will go smoothly! ha ha

Meat chickens will be available for purchase around July 25th. Local organic strawberry jam and our own organically raised raspberry jam will be available soon. We’ll also be offering organic frozen berry pops.

We look forward to seeing you on the farm this summer!

Sally & Bruce :)



IMG_8523 IMG_8541 IMG_6678

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